Monday, June 19, 2006

City Summit Part Deux?

Expect Winnipeg's social organizations to soon unveil what amounts to a response to the Sam and Rudy show that took place a number of weeks back. You'll remember that event -- the Winnipeg City Summit. It was awash in controversy from the beginning, owing largely to the high price tag to attend (yup, lots of pro-Katz business buddies) and the fact that the guest list effectively shut out a number of groups and individuals that without too much argument should have had a voice in any diverse dialogue about the direction the city is headed.

Apparently the organizing committee of this broader City Summit (which apparently includes the Social Planning Council, student leaders, labour, Aboriginal groups, and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives) has been meeting for a few weeks now. We don't know details on date and location yet.

It's a pretty smart move. One assumes the event will be held during this fall's municipal election campaign, where it'll provide an opportunity to ensure issues like poverty, bus rapid transit, urban sprawl, affordable housing, and the terrible process at City Hall will get at least some coverage in the media and may even spur some councillors (Hellooooo Bill Clement, Franco Munificent and Jae Eadie) into taking some kind of coherent position on them.

And it'll be good to hear something other than the predictable Rudy Giuliani 'hire more cops, cut social programs' message. Where do we sign up?


We're a little behind on reading, but we see our friend Curtis take a jab at us, including extensive quoting of Mouseland. Sir, we are somewhat impressed you've even heard of Mouseland. We are happy to engage in debate. However, we need no lessons on Tommy Douglas from you. Apart from his fine oratory, Tommy also knew what running government was all about. He knew it was important to separate the wheat from the chaff of day-to-day barbs from the real cats. You make no case the government is acting "like cats", apart from merely asserting it. Your point, sir, is pure chaff.


Re: Oilers. Aaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggh! 'Nuff said.