Thursday, June 29, 2006

Harsh rays of truth for the B. Sun

Some interesting chit chat coming out of Wheat City these days...

Apparently the Brandon Sun isn't doing so well in the readership department and, in response, the paper decided to hold focus groups to find out how they could improve.

Addicts has learned that the overwhelming response from Brandon folks was that they felt the Sun has become little more than a apology sheet for the Tories and right-wing opinion in general (our friend Curtis, notwithstanding).

In short, readers told the Sun what has been obvious since James O'Connor became editor - that it had become a Tory rag. (Which seems to be an occupational hazard for papers called "the Sun" everywhere.)

It will be interesting to watch what the Brandon Sun does with this feedback, if anything.

We wonder whether O'Connor, former spinner for the Filmon government, will keep grinding out a Tory newsletter? Or will he talk the feedback to heart and lead the paper to some sort of neutral, more objective ground?

It wouldn't be the first time a paper in Manitoba dismissed public opinion research 'cuz it didn't support its own fiercely-held ideology. What's heartening, though, is to learn that readers see right through this.

Perhaps there's a lesson here for the Winnipeg Sun (ironically, where O'Connor started out years ago, taking photos of scantily-clad Sun girls). Perhaps after 25 years of a stagnant product and diminishing returns, they should take a closer look at their own one-note song?