Friday, July 07, 2006

Where's Stu? part deux ...

The slow erasure of Stu Murray from Tory history continues. Yesterday if you visited the Tory caucus website (not recommended unless you actually like looking at many pictures of old white men in dark blue suits) - you would have been treated to a long bio about Stu complete with his accomplishments as leader of the Opposition and dreams of future glory.

Today when you click on Stu, you get a picture, his constituency, election date and a page of blank space. Yesterday, it was only Stu's face that was missing from the website, not it seems they've stolen his personality as well -- a petty theft to be sure.

Which poor Tory staffer got yelled at for leaving Stu's bio intact after Wednesday's BB Addicts post about Stu being left out of the Tory Caucus group picture? Maybe Baby Huey's created his own version of George Orwell's Ministry of Truth over there on Broadway -- where every piece of evidence that Stu Murray ever existed is painstakingly deleted until it seems as if McFadyen was always the leader.

We hope someone's guarding Filmon's portrait.