Tuesday, July 04, 2006


B. Sun editor James O'Connor came out guns a-blazin' at the BB Addicts for making the simple, obvious observation that he has turned the paper into a rather sad Tory scribbler. But no, he says, it isn't true. Why they even ran a flattering picture of Scott Smith recently.

Wow. We stand so corrected.

Along the way he so colourfully paints the BB Addicts as "rabid spin-doctoring mutts," "bloodthirsty socialists," and "wimpering ... party dogs".

Hmm. Could go for a nice dish of Eukanuba right now.

Y'know, it's a funny thing when you get a clear picture of how thin skinned many journalists really are. Brings to mind some old expression about being able to dish it out...

PS -- James, we appreciate the plug. Our hits from Brandon have gone WAY up.