Sunday, August 20, 2006

And introducing ... "Fletch"

"A policy initiated by the NDP in the 1970’s (------------) continues to keep Manitoba a “have not” province. "

And what policy might this be? It must be something so diabolical, so clearly wrong-headed that it has mired our province from achieving its status as the oil baron capital of Canada, currently enjoyed by those ursurpers in Alberta, all these years?

Well, according to new non-anonymous blogger "Andy Fletcher", it's ... (wait for it) ... ReNt CoNtRoL. (Aaaah. EEEEEEK. Run screaming.)

Well, the claim to begin with is so totally preposterous it hardly merits repeating except for humour value. Can we perhaps expect the next post under the pen of Mr. "Fletcher" to start with: "A policy initiated by the NDP in the 1940s, Medicare, continues to cause cancer"?

We're still basically in beach mode, so we won't spend a lot of time with this. So let's cut to the chase. If it was so friggin evil, so bad, why did Gary Filmon not eliminate it during his nearly 12 years as premier?

Umm, hmm, yes. Whatever.

So, let's add "Fletch" to the growing roster of Manitoba websites trying to dominate the blogosphere with ridiculous right-wing tripe. Quantity versus quality seems to be the motto of a tight little cabal of tiny Tories who seem to mistake this cyber-playground we call blogging for real politics.

Oh, yeah, and "Fletch's" earlier attack on Jennifer Howard because she's been a feminist activist for a long time -- very classy. Makes you feel warm all over about how PCs are really reaching out to women.

The one thing we might admire about Fletch is his bravery in taking on the Black Rod, as Lett has noted. Although it's worth also noting right-wing blogs like he and Mr. CC -- who have recently focused on the Rod -- were all mum about his posts until the infamous pioneer Manitoba blogger decided to give Huey a rather poor grade for his overall performance so far.