Monday, August 28, 2006

Sure it's free to be a "friendly Manitoban" -- but that assumes you are actually somewhat friendly ...

Just because it's worth the reminder, this is the spoof that had so many laughing, until their liberal guilt kicked in. Others whose comments appear frequently in places like this and who would have you belive they are actually reasonable folks are still laughing at it, we understand -- just not in public, mind you.


Isn't it a bit rich when Mr. CC -- the "blogging hall monitor" as Lett calls him -- expects people to accept a tale of his Blogger ineptitude to explain part of his disappearance of more than a week? We are forced to remember he so loudly denounced this space for discussing some of our members' technical inabilities while our geeks took time off, which he also made snide comments about.

(Actually, we sympathize with the Blogger mishap, we've lost posts after pushing the "publish" button once or twice. It's a real pain in the arse.)

Further on CC taking another shot at us, we quote: "We dislike Dan Vandal because we think that politicians who step-up for the big prize should go quietly into the good night when they don't win."

Hmmm. It's akin to saying Bob Dole or John Kerry should simply have slipped into the hereafter after they each lost running for President. (Gawd, it's so true!) Interesting P.O.V. But doesn't it have interesting implications for recent leadership contenders closer to home?

Then there's "Fletch" -- who hates Spirited Energy, but would have used it to help bring back the Jets; who rails violently at our rather mild views on the civic St. B race, yet chides us for alleged strong language pointed at others.


We know consistency can be the hobgoblin of small minds, yet Fletch's rhetorical u-turns are positively, well, weird.

And we're forced to remind Fletch the premier didn't create the Spirited Energy campaign -- although Fletch would have run that one himself, we're led to understand, if he had the big job. It was actually signed off by people like ... hmm, who was it again? Oh, yes, the likes of Dave Angus, Stu Duncan and Bob Silver. And endorsed by people like Graham Starmer. A raging pool of New Dems, to be sure.


So Lett has taken a cue from Kinsella and decided to see if Manitoba blogging can stoke the fire of real political discourse, not just play in these little e-sandboxes, hurling insults among the occasional ideas at each other. He has thrown down the gauntlet for the Fort Rouge NDP candidates to get serious about some policy and use his space as the crucible of democracy.

First, we're forced to rap Dan, if gently, on the knuckles for his digs at the BBAs. There was absolutely no apoplexy over Jamie's decision to run -- we just found it interesting you didn't appear to ask him why he didn't feel as Donne did about the primacy of having a strong woman elected in Ft. R. We're sure it would be an interesting answer, potentially worthy of some discussion, no?

(We neglected Mr. Nestruk at the time because we honestly didn't know he was in the mix or who he was, for that matter. We remain red-faced.)

As for the Fort Rouge forum as provided by the Factory, seems worthwhile to us. Maybe it could be co-hosted with the Hack, as he makes a simultaneous call for real nomination content.

Guess summer's over, girls and boys.