Monday, September 04, 2006

The new politically correctors

"'Lest we forget' is a sacred line reserved for remembering our fallen war dead," says the newly-appointed language fascist.

Let's be perfectly clear here -- uh, no.



Absolutely wrong.

Misinformed tripe.

School children know better.

Try again.

On top of the fact that "Andy's" claim about "Lest we forget" is, well, factually wrong, it is completely specious.

It's this kind of extreme ideological attempt to appropriate the language and smear opponents that is leading these days to many brilliant outbursts, like characterizing anyone who might think the Iraq invasion was a bit of a misadventure as the equivalent of Hitler's appeasers.

(For the record, on the topic of Iraq, which gets confused with Afghanistan sometimes, this space supports Canada's continuing role in that country because it's the right thing to do, even though things will continue to get messy and more of our soldiers will die. We happen to not only differ with Jack Layton's call for a pullout by February, but think it is completely irresponsible.)


Other notes:

  • If Manitoba was in such great shape in 1999, why did Manitobans throw Filmon out on his ear?
  • Watch this space for an ongoing series called How Manitoba Has Categorically Improved Since 1999. That will be an actual response to the amnesiac idiocy that seems to be flying out there.
  • Word to the wise to fellow bloggers -- don't rely on Google searches as your Rock of Gilbralter.
  • And we note no objection was taken about the issue of Tory law-breakers getting a free ride. However, we're sorry Andy did not get a long weekend. Hope the day padding around your home in your bath robe wasn't too taxing.
  • Yes, Dan.
  • Welcome, Paul.