Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pension or run for Hugh ... Pension or run for Hugh ... Pension ...

Well, it seems much-touted star candidate Shelly Glover -- former spokesperson for the Winnipeg PD -- has spurned Team Huey in favour of staying put as a cop while keeping her Tory bona fides in good stead by running in a likely fruitless attempt to wrest St. Boniface away from the Liberal fold.

Ah, keeping her pension while keeping her toe in the political waters for possible future consideration. Nice safe move.

But it speaks volumes about the internal Tory chat about Hugh's chances in the next election. In short, "probably not so good."

Speaking of other rumoured running shoe-types, CAA Manitoba head Mike Mager sounds more like someone jostling for position with Team Huey than someone who should be perhaps focused on how to reduce wait times for his auto club members waiting for boosts in January.

Just last December he was calling for more cash for our roads. This week he says the needed investment is just electioneering.

Hmm. Maybe we'll switch to Canadian Tire.


Meanwhile, what the heck is Doer doing mugging with Arnie in California? Sure, the Governator is enacting a pretty darn good greenhouse gas emissions law (pretty DAMN good in this age of Kyoto abandonment). But everyone knows it's pretty much a cynical move, borrowing something from the Democrats' playbook to offset his right wing image. Though, it may actually help Arnie get reelected.

But here's the bottom line -- he's a Republican who stands for things even not-too-moderate Canadians are against. Like supporting the Iraq War. That he has picked a few progressive issues in order to survive as King Conan of California shouldn't lead Doer to stand beside someone who is overall politically repugnant.