Sunday, November 19, 2006

Let's see if Huey has a better week

Saved by the Grey Cup!

That's the thought that must have been running through Hugh McFaded's mind after the disastrous week he had in the legislature following the Throne Speech and opening of the new session.

If anyone had been paying attention to politics in the run up to today's Grey Cup, they would have seen a public performance that would make Stu Murray shudder in shame. No, really -- it was that bad.

They would have seen not the Opposition Leader putting the government on the spot, but Gary Doer forcing Huey to explain himself for misrepresenting Ontario's intentions regarding hydro from Manitoba on CKY news and to defend his former work history as a consultant to Mike Harris on privatizing Ontario Hydro. Generally, Huey was even more flustered and appeared more unsteady on his feet than last session.

Not a great start.

You can perhaps forgive Huey for not being as well prepared as he should. He was likely too busy helping orchestrate the fratricide of long-serving Carman MLA Denis Rocan and the upcoming attempted repeat performance in Portage la Prairie.

Nice work, Huey.