Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More tales from the Conspiracy Broadcasting Corp.

CBC Manitoba continues in its drive to lose listeners with looney, conspiracy-driven news coverage. This morning's example: the intro to a story about a hunter finding what sounds like an illegal hog carcass dump on a farmer's property went something like this: "Hogwash -- that's what a concerned Manitoban has to say about the province's new examination of the hog industry after what he recently discovered."

The story described the hunter's dismay at finding an old fuel truck stuffed full of rotting pigs and his concern about the potential effects on the local water table. Another version of the story explains Manitoba Conservation is giving the farmer five days to clean it up.

Bottom line: what the hell has it to do with the recently-announced pause on pig production and associated Clean Environment Commission review of the industry? There's no link whatsoever. If there was one producer or a million of them, you could still run across -- and likely will -- an irresponsible person.

It was a huge stretch, but we suppose a good enough opportunity for CBC Manitoba to editorialize about the provincial government.

We hope Janet Stewart can stand the smell of the torqued agenda as she moves from the number one newscast over to the Mother Corp. (recently saved from falling to the number 4 spot with City TV's exit from the news business).


We have abstained from commenting on other blogs lately. But we think the following is worthwhile. An astute reader has been observing the apparently revived PITT (although, as our reader points out it sure doesn't sound like the PITT of old -- a pretender, they wager).

The below posted yesterday was the piece in question:

Vote, delete cookies, vote again.

My the NDP are busy today. I know they have a nice phone network going when polls come out like this. On a average day the sun gets about 500 votes , today , we are going on 2000.

Most sun readers are tories, you can't tell me that is correct. It's like when they all voted for Tommy Douglas as the greatest Canadian of all time, even though he supported casteration for handicapped people.


Just for the record the tories had 57 % at 9 am this morning.........that was with 400 hardcore sun readers voting. As the NDP got the word out , the results went the other way. I know this goes on because I got a phone call on my new cell phone once, asking me to vote at a CKY online poll.
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Who follows these things? Knowing what the count was at 9:00 am and then checking later in the day? And this: "On a average day the sun gets about 500 votes , today , we are going on 2000."

Who would have this knowledge at their fingertips? "We" are going on 2000?

Could it be that someone on the Peg Sun editorial staff is the new PITT? Hmmm.