Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The upside of nomination blood sacrifices for Tories ...

Apparently you get to crow about the fact your membership numbers are higher than in the past 15 years. Wow, good work guys. Much better than the no-pulse levels of the past 7 years.

Meanwhile, back at trying to appear relevant, Team Huey spent all day bowing at the altar of the questionably stable Crocus gadfly Bernie Bellan. Billed as "PCs set to grill government on Crocus" on Bellan's website, the event was, well, a complete non-event except for the hilarity of McFadyen quoting a "reliable source" that the real man behind the curtain on the Crocus conspiracy was David Woodbury (who dat?). Uh, weren't you guys saying it was Eugene Kostyra? Hmm. Maybe they'll just pick names out of the government phone directory and see how that goes tomorrow.

If this is the best CSI Tuxedo can come up with after six months, it's a good thing Don Orchard offers some value by taking backbenchers behind the barn on Hugh's behalf.

We notice Bellan's fickle political tastes, though. Wasn't he only recently touted as a Liberal candidate? This was due, we thought, because the PCs were in as "deep" on the Crocus issue as the NDP. However, since Bellan sent a questionable message to the premier's office, subsequently forwarded to Elections Manitoba, his entree into electoral politics appears on hold.

Today, the PCs aren't such bad guys, it seems. We're thinking Jon Gerrard is saying to himself "you guys can have him".


We forgot to apologize to Gang of Four for ripping off their song title for the previous post's headline.