Friday, December 15, 2006

McFadyen to Harper: thanks a bunch

From the Globe this am:

Ernie Michaleski, a farmer from Dauphin, Man., said opposition to government plans is growing among farmers, who have recently been loyal Conservative voters.

"It's so far out of touch with reality and common sense," he said. "There are Conservative voters who aren't going to be able to vote Conservative after this."

Which may not actually affect too many seats in a federal election. But provincially, Huey has a split caucus, an unclear position on the Wheat Board.

But worse, they are on the record AGAINST supporting the Wheat Board.

From the CJOB's Jeff Keele on Nov. 21 (emphasis added):

The Manitoba legislature shows support for CWB

Two symbolic resolutions on the Canadian Wheat Board were passed by the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba Monday night.

A motion to maintain the board’s single desk passed by a 34-15 margin, with a resolution to hold a farmer plebiscite passing 30-15.

The Opposition Tories voted against both motions.
Tory Leader Hugh McFadyen says a plebiscite in Manitoba is pointless because Ottawa is already holding a plebiscite for barley farmers. McFadyen adds a vote on wheat is not necessary because the Federal Government is not planning to make any changes to its single-desk now.

The Doer Government and the opposition Liberals are calling for a plebiscite on both desks immediately.

Huey can't be enjoying this Christmas gift from Harper.