Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Memo to Curtis: move your desk

Our friend Curtis over at Endless Spin apparently now concurs with Kevin (have you seen a screw? I only thought it was loose, not missing) Lamoureux that the Maples nomination is a scandal in proportion to the Interlake in 1995 that had Justice Monin state he had never seen "so many liars" in all his years on the bench, in reference to the Conservatives that testified at the inquiry into the vote rigging.

Curtis has now discovered this newly minted scandal because Kelvin (Oh God, I miss Shelly Glover) Goertzen issues a press release asking the RCMP to investigate a political party's internal nomination process.

We would also like to restate that these are merely allegations, ones already being looked into by Elections Manitoba, at the request of the Premier's office. Curtis, who understands or professes to understand the political process in regards to nominations, should know that in any nomination there are often ruffled feathers, but at the end of the day it's an internal party process.

To compare these allegations with the widespread scheme among senior Conservatives to try and rig the outcome of a general election involving payments and manipulating vulnerable aboriginal people is specious, at best.

We know Lamoureux is feeling the heat in his backyard, so that explains his more than usual erratic behaviour. But what could be the motivation for this written request for an RCMP investigation by Goertzen?

Well, certainly it would be a coup for the Tories to say that the NDP is currently under RCMP investigation for their interference in the democratic process.

So what the hey? Give it a shot, right?

However, if Kelvin, Kevin and Curtis are so concerned about the democratic process, why do they not ask for an investigation into the Carman or Portage nominations, which involve allegations of block-purchasing of party memberships and other manipulations by 23 Kennedy?

We submit that Curtis should know better, but are willing to cut him a little slack as his desk is close enough to hear the constant inane nattering of his woefully under-talented boss, whose thoughts we are told frequently wander to the bitter taste of having his dream job at the Leg cut short, in part, by the Tory Interlake shenanigans.