Sunday, January 14, 2007

News flash: candidate claims party offered deal to step down from nomination (yawn)

So, let's get this straight -- the internal NDP tempest-in-a-teapot that is the Maples nomination/Kaur Sidhu issue is to the opposition a massive scandal, so big it should delay any thoughts of calling an election (if that were the Premier's intention).

Well, we already dealt with the situational hilarity of that one a few days ago.

The interesting thing is the story that popped up in the past few days about federal Tory hopeful, Ottawa lawyer Alan Riddell, who withdrew in consideration of Adscam whistleblower, Allan Cutler. (You can read the tale here, here, and here.)

Riddell maintains he dropped out only after cutting a deal that he would be financially compensated by the party. Last week Riddell won his case in court for some $50,000 against the Conservatives.

Stephen Harper and party president (and Manitoban) Don Plett denied there was any deal. But the party dropped that argument later and said Riddell voided the deal by speaking publicly about it.

None of that held water in the end for the judge, ordering the Tories to pay Riddell.

OK, so where's the outrage from Manitoba conservatives and their blogging rabble over this one? Absolutely nowhere to be seen.

And unless we've missed something, no one has been saying this is something that deserves any investigation beyond paying Riddell what he's owed.

This must change! We must get behind an unstoppable movement to make the Tories pay dearly for this, this, this ... thing. No?

Hmmm. Yawn. Snnzzzzzk.