Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Gary's catch of the day

We have been tardy to comment on anything (due largely to one of us being away for a few days). But, boy, what a coup for Gary Doer.

Erin Selby may not be a household name on the tip of everyone's lips. But she does bring some star power to Manitoba politics -- the craft oft-maligned as "showbusiness for ugly people".

Southdale, eh? We guess that big lead the NDP has in Winnipeg is showing up somewhere.


Shocker in Quebec? Really?

We suppose few expected the haul of seats the ADQ got last night, but haven't all the pundits been telling us for a week the results were too close to call? That it was impossible to predict the outcome?

Then doesn't it follow that any outcome could happen? So it's a bit precious to call it a shocker.

Interesting, though. Very interesting.