Thursday, March 15, 2007

Huey discovers downtown Winnipeg?

Uh, Earth to David O'Brien, Earth to O'Brien ... come in. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt.

So, how is it that the FreeP editorial pages creates a forum for Huey to get a free ride, inventing Huey's new found love of downtown Winnipeg? Is the Mountain Avenue Typing School so desperate to prop up the Tories that they have to invent ways of praising them?

We won't go into O'Brien's weird analysis of what the NDP has done downtown since 1999, but we can't help but think he may have omitted mentioning some things. Hmm. (Hint: there may be pictures here of projects actually vehemently opposed by the Conservatives.)

Attention Mr. Ritchie, clean up necessary on aisle edito.


Contest winners!!!!

OK, the ballots have been cast and here are the winning entries in our first ever caption contest.

Screwing the Environment. Forever

For Green Sweaters.

For Blowing Smoke about Climate Change.

The Frat-Mobile.

How's My Leadership? Dial 1-800-HUGH-WHO?

If this truck's a rockin', don't come a knockin'.

"Hey, I didn't know Fred Savage was trying to mount a comeback."

And this piece of art from a contributor wins the grand prize.

To the winners, your reward is in the mail.