Thursday, March 01, 2007

Stu 2 totally wigs out -- now Singleton party to Crocus 'conspiracy'

From today:

"Conservative Leader Hugh McFadyen suggested Wednesday that a "secret" may have existed between the NDP government and the Auditor General's Office."

OK, here we go folks. The evidence is conclusive. Stu 2 is completely losing it. Now he's accusing Jon Singleton of conspiring with the government on Crocus.

We guess there's only one thing to say.

All Hail, Xenu!


UPDATE: We now read that Stu 2 has clarified his auditor ire -- it is solely focused on current holder of the OAG's office, Carol Bellringer.

Wasn't she auditor when Stu 2 carried briefing books for Filmon? Didn't the Conservatives support her appointment to the office last year, as well as back when they were in power?

The wheels are definitely coming off the McFadyen bus before he even gets to decal it.