Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Blogger shocker: we like Tom

We find ourselves in an odd spot this morning, being in complete agreement with Tom Brodbeck.

His column today correctly points out the peevishness of the child care lobby in Manitoba, grousing loudly about the sorry state of publicly funded spaces.

Their yapping is of course complete nonsense.

Manitoba has arguably the second strongest public child care sector, behind the enviable $7-a-day service in Quebec (though we hear of many reports that accessibility to spaces in Manitoba is far greater).

The government has poured millions over the past 8 budgets to strengthen child care across the province. More than 6,000 new spots have opened up. Wages for workers have gone up.

And despite the Harper government pulling out of the national child care deal reached with the former Martin administration, every dollar has been backfilled by the province.

Of course the government could always do more, but few sectors have done as well in the past few years comparatively as the child care sector.

They come close to post-secondary students in terms of their leadership's dishonesty in portraying their "plight" under NDP rule.