Sunday, April 29, 2007

Firefighters for Doer

The love affair between firefighters and Gary Doer just keeps on going.

That was reaffirmed today with an announcement of more firefighters, including forest firefighters by Doer in the back yard of a Winnipeg Fire Captain in Kirkfield Park where hopeful Sharon Blady is hoping to turn that seat NDP orange.

We hear that Kirkfield Park, Springfield and Inkster are all about tied as good possibilities for pickups for the NDP in Winnipeg, where Doer's numbers are incredibly strong.

Where does firefighters come as a priority for Manitobans in the poll numbers? Well, probably doesn't really register ... until the question is asked who do you trust to make sure the services you rely on are there when you need it. About then, questions like 'who do the firefighters trust' and 'who do the nurses trust', etc. come into play.

That and the NDP's record of keeping Manitoba affordable and keeping the government affordable make it a hard case for change, despite how 'hard ... hurry hard' Hugh works to make it seem we need the kind of change he offers.

Sorry for a kind of straight-up rant today. But we couldn't really help ourselves. If you want to see something different -- then instead of firefighters, you can find out how you would save $14 on a $200 bicycle.