Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Freep armchair QBs leave a bit to be desired

It's day 5 of the election campaign and this is the first post since the call. Yeesh -- a little slow.

As you may have guessed, we're a little busy on the husting, but we'll do our best between now and May 22 to get a word in edgewise.

Today we look at the deep thoughts of Freep armchair quarterbacks Dan "Sausage Man" Lett and Lindor Reynolds.

First Lindor, calls the Jack Reimer "prop" slur against contender Erin Selby no big deal and Status of Women Minister Nancy Allen a bit disingenuous for asking for an apology. In fact Lindor says the NDP called Reimer "sexist".

Where did they say that? Reading their release on the NDP site, we see no reference to "sexist". Nor do we see the quote in any news story.

We do see the term in Mia Rabson's story -- but not in a quote or attributed to anyone.

Wethinks the meat is missing there. Lindor should check who said Reimer was "sexist" or whether he made a derogatory remark. There is a big difference there and Lindor should know that.

Dan, on the other hand, thinks the NDP "blinked" over McFadyen's anticipated "me too" with Stephen Harper on the 1% cut to the PST (what? not 2%). Seems to us the NDP have responded to every Tory announcement so far. Why is that blinking?

Anyway, Dan's biggest error is the repeated contention that in the 1990s the PCs had a tough time because of a recession and cuts in transfers from Ottawa.

If that is to hold water at all, it may be said for the early 1990s. But the latter 1990s and certainly in the last few years of the Filmon administration, transfers were growing again and the economy was doing well.

Dan, too, should know better. We hope the analysis on the campaign trail picks up a tad over this mornings offerings.