Monday, April 16, 2007

Wellington's Waterloo?

This morning, CBC radio's Leslie McLaren reported that challenger for the NDP nomination in Wellington, Joe Chan, has been disqualified from the contest, due to lack of previous disclosure of unsavoury parts of his past -- specifically child porn charges associated with his former computer company.

Chen is previously infamous in political circles for alleged, uh, creative campaigning for Daniel Mac councillor Harvey Smith. It hit the media during the 2002 race against McLaren's former CBC colleague Maureen Pendergast.

But in today's story McLaren finds U of M prof Sharon Sampert with a pithy quote to the effect of: "If the party doesn't want you to run, they'll find a way to disqualify you."

The implication being Chan was run out of town on a rail unfairly -- the victim of a nefarious backroom deal, perhaps.

According to the report, the letter Chan received says the child porn issue could potentially embarass the party if he were the successful candidate.

Do you really think the NDP is right and the opposition would dredge up that child porn thing in an election to embarass the party?

Naw, couldn't happen.