Friday, May 04, 2007

Pathetic Liberal silliness in Fort Rouge

A correspondent writes:

“On the morning of May 1, a young man came into the Jennifer Howard campaign asking to volunteer. Jennifer was in the office getting ready to go canvassing, he saw her and the first question he asked was what she thought of her Liberal opponent Paul Hesse.

“This peculiar question immediately caught the attention of campaign staff. Howard gave a very diplomatic answer saying she had met him, he is a lawyer and seemed nice. The man introduced himself as Matt Cohen, saying he was from Oakbank and wanted to canvass but had never done it before so wanted someone to take him out.

“He was informed a couple nights later, the campaign was sending out three groups and that would be a good night for him to go out.

“Young Mr. Cohen agreed and asked if he could 'drop a poll' by himself right away. Hmm, never done it before, eh? Staff politely suggested he just come back on Thursday. He asked for copies of all Howard’s literature, which he gave him and he left.

“Now very suspicious, campaign staff looked up Hesse’s staff on Facebook and matched one name with 'Cohen's' phone number supplied on the Howard campaign's sign up sheet.

“Our culprit is actually named Richard William Liebrecht (circled in the above picture with Jon Gerrard) – on staff with the Hesse campaign. In an online exchange later that day, Liebrecht admitted his deception with the campaign manager."

Paul Hesse. Isn't he the guy advertising about raw sewage in Osborne Village? Clearly stategic geniuses are working for him.