Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sharking the jump

Ooooh. Did he really say that? Bring back the Jets “within four years”?

Oh, my.

Can you say “defining moment”?


On Monday, Richard (“RCR”) Cloutier held a candidates’ “forum” at Sisler High on youth issues.

Richard’s premise was that all young people want to do is split Manitobaburg as fast as possible. Unfortunately his thesis was not supported by his captured audience of Sisler students.

One student indeed said she was going to leave immediately after graduating … to travel.

Another said she wants to go to Calgary … because she had been there before, it seemed nice and had "better malls and entertainment." As Cloutier himself concluded, her problem wasn’t about making a good living in Manitoba but she didn’t feel she had enough ways for her to spend her money

Undeterred by these not so helpful responses, Cloutier forged ahead, asking a third student. Except that she said she wasn't exactly leaving Manitoba. In fact, she was staying … to attend the U of W - because of the new 60% tuition rebate.

Oops. Bless his heart; Richard was obliged to tell the crowd that this was an NDP promise.


Sniff, sniff. They’re gone.

We LOVED the Manitoba Nurses Union ads about keeping health care first. Here is one of them for your continued edification.

It sounds an awful like the opposite of McFadyen’s “health care won’t be first” admission last year.

There has been some grousing that this ad running through the campaign is breaking the Elections Act, as a third party endorsement of the NDP.

Nope. Not only was that section of the legislation never proclaimed, due to protests of folks like Stephen Harper, when he was chief of the National Citizens Coalition, but if you don’t say vote for X party or candidate, you would not have been subject to the law anyway.

After all, it's really just a condemnation of the Tories on health care. You're free to draw your own conclusions.

What’s the matter Manitoba Club and Winnipeg Squash and Racquet Club members? Belly up. Do your part for your team.

Let’s see how the script would go – “the 1980s were really tough times for real estate speculators like me …”