Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tom abandons Hugh

We are putting Brodbeck back in our "maybe we like" category.

For the second week in a row he pulls a counter-intuitive move and craps on Team Sweater for their major Monday announcements.

First, it was the PST cut. Tom said it was dumb, which it is.

Now, he says (on his blog, anyway) that their crime announcement simply bites, calling it "thin gruel".

Hugh doesn't seem to be able to even count on his friends in this contest.


What about them Bombers? Looks like a new stadium is coming. The only question that really remains is will David Asper get his way and pry the team from public ownership or not?


OK, OK, OK, OK .... After dozens of you guys correcting me, I cave. I give in. My hopes for Sprinfield dashed.

Alright, you got me. When I was talking about NDP steals in this election from the other guys, I meant Southdale, not Springfield.

Sue me.