Monday, June 11, 2007

Lame duck columnist

We just spotted the several-days-old blog post of our buddy Tom Blowback, in which he calls Gary Doer a "lame duck" premier. His reasoning: That Doer's past 7 1/2 years have been about "nothing", so expect four more years of "nothing" and therefore this is a lame duck administration.

Ha. Ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Whew. Excuse us for a sec -- gotta wipe a bit of a tear from the eye.

This is the same Bunkbeck who has dined out since 1999 on the Doer government, reinventing himself from an erstwhile leg reporter into a neo-con columnist? The same guy who has railed about the lack of radical tax cuts, the lack of privatized health care, the lack of turning Manitoba into a police state, and on and on?


Well, that's one hell of a revelation from our Tom.

So based on what he states, we can therefore expect poor Tom to have "nothing" to write about for the next four years. (And beyond that we predict, as 2011 could well be a four-peat based on Manitobans' continued affection for more of "nothing".)

It's so sad -- nothing to write about for the next several years. Sounds like a lame duck columnist to us.


Memo to Andy Richie: Time to start taking deadwood on the Editorial Board out behind the woodshed with an axe.

And we would begin this chopping spree with the frequently off-topic and oft-sotted Tom Oleson.

On Saturday, he rambled on with a clumsy, disjointed thesis about how free access abortion in Canada is perhaps responsible for our society going to hell in a hand basket.

This, we submit, was not remotely worth the trees killed to provide the space. The pound of flyers that fell out of our Saturday edition were a better use of paper by far.

We would have no problem with a thoughtful discussion of whether free access to abortion services is a good policy (though we'd likely disagree with it). Oleson's piece, however, was just more evidence the Free Press Editorial Board is a vapid wasteland occupying space that could be filled by something better -- like more car ads.

Mr. Richie, show some kindness to your readership with some tough love. Do the deed, sir.