Friday, September 24, 2010

The CBC Lays an Egg

In case you missed it, CBC television’s “Investigative Unit” broke some hard-core news yesterday. Apparently, it actually costs charities money to raise money.

We can only imagine how this unfolded in the CBC news room the day CBC reporters read Money Sense Magazine’s review of Canada’s top 100 charities way back in June…

Oh… my… god… charities across Canada appear to be spending money to make money…! Does Mansbridge know this? Has someone, anyone, told Mansbridge? Would someone please tell Mansbridge! Where’s Swain? Don’t you see? There are hundreds of charities out there right now – right under our noses, infiltrating our communities, probably right next door to you – who are spending money, probably spending it right this very second, in order to raise money! Oh no, the children! Oh my god, what about the children? Damn it, has Mansbridge been told yet?

The CBC “investigation” does little more than point out that some charities are more efficient than other charities when it comes to revenue development. Whoop-dee-doo! Big shocker, eh?

If generating revenues efficiently is THE defining metric for successful charities, how efficient, then, is our public broadcaster?

According to CBC’s 2009 Annual Report, the CBC recorded about $1.8 billion in expenses and only $612 million in revenue.

So, here we have our public broadcaster picking on the Misericordia Hospital Foundation for spending $5.3 million to generate more than $6.3 million in revenue.

The Foundation made over a million bucks!

Yet the CBC, on the other hand, spent $1.8 billion to generate only $612 million in revenue.

They lost over a billion bucks!

How did the CBC cover the rest of their expenses? They didn’t. Even after we, the taxpayer, gave them $1.1 billion, the CBC still ended up spending about $50 million more than they received in revenue.

This investigative piece is a complete joke, and it makes our public broadcaster look even more stupid than it already is. We can only wonder when the CBC will finally stop measuring others against standards they can’t even meet themselves.