Friday, October 29, 2010

Mr. Rempel's Left Holding the Bag

It’s rare for us to single out and discuss specific Winnipeg business personalities.

But we can no longer ignore the sentiments Barry Rempel must be feeling toward former Winnipeg Airport Authority’s (WAA) Chief Operating Officer, Michael Rodyniuk.

In July, Mr. Rodyniuk, who’s never been shy of the camera, suddenly announced his departure from the WAA after six years as its COO, and just shortly before the new airport terminal was expected to open. During his time at WAA, he was responsible for overseeing the operations of the airport and the construction of the new terminal building. He left the WAA to join Exchange Income Corp.

Less than a month after his departure, on August 19, details emerged about how leaking pipes under the new terminal building, in addition to other issues, may delay its opening.

A couple weeks later, on September 3, Martin Cash reveals the terminal opening will, in fact, be delayed, and that court action is being pursued to deal with leaking pipes and other issues.

Then, just this week, on October 27, the WAA reported a decrease in third-quarter profits despite the fact airport traffic increased. The problem? It seems operating costs, something under Mr. Rodyniuk's direct control as COO, were rising faster than revenue.

We can’t help but notice how Mr. Rodyniuk got out while the getting was good! And who’s responsible for managing the mess he left behind? His former boss, Mr. Rempel.

And to top it off, on the same day and in the same newspaper that poor Mr. Rempel’s left explaining the mess left by Mr. Rodyniuk, Mr. Rodyniuk is seen posing as Horatio Caine’s understudy.

Mr. Rodyniuk, you managed to get out while the getting was good. And good for you for doing so. But try to do your former boss a small favour and show a little class. When he’s busy sweeping up your mess, maybe try holding the dustpan instead of bolstering your media portfolio.

Finally, good on you, Mr. Rempel, for maintaining your professionalism throughout it all. We can't imagine it's been easy.