Monday, November 08, 2010

Hugh McFadyen Gets Cemented

Anyone remotely familiar with politics knows politicians must work hard at defining themselves before someone, or something, comes along and does it for them. For example, most of our readers will remember how the federal Conservatives very effectively characterized Stephane Dion as a wiener. And we all know how that ended up, puffins and all.

The process of solidifying one's own political image is akin to the drying of concrete. Initially, like concrete, a politician's image is very malleable. However, wait too long and it becomes solidified and almost impossible to work with.

You'd think Hugh McFadyen would have learned this lesson after former Premier Gary Doer and the NDP railroaded him in the 2007 election. The NDP's success was due, in at least a small part, to how effectively they were able to systematically characterize McFadyen and his party before McFadyen was able to do it himself.

Mr. McFadyen is not, apparently, a very quick learner. He continue
s to keep his policies secret and appears reluctant to speak with media about what he and his party actually stand for (must be due to all that fantastic advice from Greg Burch and Rochelle Squires).

With McFadyen on mute less than a year to E-Day, the NDP hav
e launched a campaign that, once again, defines him before he is able to define himself.

In case you haven't noticed, Mr. McFadyen, the NDP are cementing your image for you. And the more you stand still, the quicker it hardens. So by all means maintain your catatonic state!

P.S. Just one small word of advice we sincerely hope you do not take.

When you consistently and unapologetically defend this:

You almost have to expect this:

Keep stumbling along, McFadyen. We're enjoying every minute of it!