Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sing Us A Song You're the Politician

Politicians often find themselves dominating the public stage.

But when, exactly, is it okay for them to dominate the music stage?

The answer's never clear. The first fundamental rule, however, is do no harm. So, if you're a politician who actually has some skills best expressed musically, your chances of harming yourself on the music stage are much less than if you're a politician who finds chalk on a chalkboard melodic.

Take, for example, Prime Minister Harper. He can actually sing. While he still doesn't bring a lot of cool to being a Conservative, he can actually carry a tune:

On the other hand, Hugh McFadyen should try not only to avoid the music stage, but also try to avoid buying his shirts at local Head Shops:

I guess we can't expect much more from a politician who kicked off the 2007 election campaign with this front page Winnipeg Free Press photo:

While some Manitobans might be in the mood for McFadyen's melody, most of us are still waiting for him to grow up.