Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Give Him 'Freedom' or Give Him Death!

A lot has been suggested of Mr. McFadyen throughout this election.

The Blackberry Addicts have received all kinds of accusations and claims against him. Most of these our readers would have heard before, some they probably have not.

Almost all of them relate to exercising incredibly poor judgement.

But, all of these unspoken words aside, one of the more salient suggestions of Mr. McFadyen was actually printed, published, and confirmed in the Winnipeg Free Press on July 3, 2010. That suggestion, of course, is the one that portrays him as a privatizer.

In an interview with Bruce Owen (pasted below), Mr. McFadyen said he stands for a "freer Manitoba".

What, exactly, does Mr. McFadyen want to "free" Manitoba from?

It's anyone's guess.

But anyone with a head on their shoulders knows that on the political spectrum, "freer" almost always means less government, less regulation, and a significantly greater role for private business in matters relating to the public good.

Is it then unreasonable for the NDP to suggest that Mr. McFadyen will privatize Manitoba Hydro? Absolutely not. As much as he wants to distance himself from Premier Filmon and the Conservatives of the past, Mr. McFadyen is of the same ilk.

Does any Manitoban know what Mr. McFadyen would ultimately do if elected Premier on October 4?

Of course not.

But take a serious look at his words below and consider the risk of giving a politician the chance to "free" our province. Grant Devine tried to free Saskatchewan in the 1980s by declaring the province, "open for business". And we all know how that turned out.

In the end, on October 4, voters will ultimately decide. Will they give Mr. McFadyen freedom or give him political death?