Wednesday, September 24, 2014

That Museum's Wearing No Clothes!

We normally give Grandpa Kives a difficult time on this blog.  But, today, we want to recognize him for a stroke of brilliant observation.  He is absolutely correct about the Canadian Museum for Human Rights leaving all of us wondering what, exactly, people from around the world are going to pay money to see. Even though we support the Museum (who doesn't?), what's actually going to be inside to see?

Ms. Gail Asper, of course, was front and centre, ready to answer that very question and put the Museum's best foot forward on the day it opened.

So, what has the Museum got planned to attract an international audience?


That's right.  A basket of stones.

Come, global community of human rights watchers, advocates, and learners young and old.  Come gather round and see our basket of stones.

Thank you, Grandpa Kives, for being the one to finally stand up and yell, "hey, that museum's not wearing any clothes!"