Tuesday, June 13, 2006

No class

Huey Duck proved he is far, far away from being ready for prime time with his antics in the House. This session of course is now over. We can only assume he was perhaps frustrated with his lack of impact during his freshman stint as Opposition leader. That's about as generous as it can get when someone resorts to base name-calling.

We don't have the Hansard yet, but for some godforsaken reason Huey decided to go beyond the roster of cheap shots he was amassing to the point where he apparently thought on Tuesday that it would be a good idea to call the Premier a liar.

Rude, you say? Sure. Unadvised? Probably.

Unparliamentary? No-brainer.

So, as you would think, he was properly called upon to withdraw his comments by the Speaker. His response? He merely expressed regret that it was unparliamentary to call "a liar a liar".

One other thing to add to that list -- low-class.