Monday, June 12, 2006

Winnipeg pundit world filled with proxy Tories

It is always astounding when proxy Tories like Dave Angus and Adrienne Batra refer to themselves as non-partisan without bursting into laughter or flames.

Two items last week show once again that our so-called leaders of business and taxpayers' rights are little more than Conservative cheerleaders - minus the dance routines.

On Sunday in the pages of the Winnipeg Sun, Angus, in his role as president of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, provided his review on the new Tory MPs from Manitoba and their government and gave them glowing marks.

He did so despite his own admission that the Tories have yet to deliver on key Winnipeg priorities such as the Red River Floodway and the Manitoba Human Rights Museum.

Yes and other than the unfortunate gunfire Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?

As for Batra, the local mouthpiece for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, showed her true colours by what she didn't say.

This week, two-time public purse dipper Rick Borotsik revealed his intentions to try to become a three-time drinker when he announced he is seeking the provincial Tory nomination in Brandon West.

Given the CTF's history on the pensions issue, one would have expected a news release or some sort of public comment of outrage by Batra.

But not a peep.

Perhaps we should give the benefit of the doubt to Batra. Maybe her screeches of righteous indignation were so shrill that no human being, nor beast - not even Tom Brodbeck and Gerald Flood - could hear them.

But our guess is she knows where her bread is buttered and she isn't about to rain on Borotsik's parade.

Don't get us wrong.

We have no quarrel with those who are willing to put their cards and bias on the table and let fly.

That's democracy.

But Angus and Batra still pretend that they are something more and than shameless spinners for the Tories when they are not.