Friday, June 23, 2006

The ongoing saga of CSI Tuxedo

Did somone move April Fool's Day get and forget to tell us?

What else could possibly explain a CJOB story earnestly reporting that "the Manitoba Conservative Crocus Task Force is not prepared to go public with any information" while at the same time hinting that committee otherwise known as CSI Tuxedo has actually found something?

And just what is the basis for this most earnest of reports? Well, 'cuz Tory retread Don Orchard says so. He says there's stuff there, it just can't be revealed. Employees are scared, he says, providing absolutely no evidence for any of his claims.

And 'OB repo Jeff Keele repeats it all straight up, without question -- the Gospel According to Orchard. Does Keele and his bosses really, honestly believe that the Tories have found damning evidence against the Doer government but are choosing not to release it?

If the Tories truly had a smoking gun, there are so many options for further investigation, without exposing any "frightend employees" - from the coppers to the auditors. Hey, they could even send the info anonymously to CJOB's "secret fax."

We are led to assume that they either have so much regard for the government that they are choosing to keeping this explosive information to themselves, or that they have absolutely nothing.

Hmmm. Hard to decide which seems more likely.