Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday night questions ...

  • Why does Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz get so much credit for bolstering his police ranks when he funded a grand total of two police officers out of his own budget? The other 46 are coming courtesy of the Doer government. Operation Clean Sweep would be the equivalent of a toothbrush without provincial support.
  • Why is Tory Justice Critic Kelvin Goertzen so in love with electronic monitoring for violent criminals when it should only be used for non-violent offenders? There is a big difference between slapping an ankle bracelet on Martha Stewart and doing the same to a Hell’s Angel.
  • Is Winnipeg Police Chief Jack Ewatski the modern version of Rip Van Winkle? Several decades of extended slumber are the only justification for suggesting the Winnipeg Police Service has never had a zero tolerance policy on domestic violence.
  • How does Tory Agriculture Critic Ralph Eichler have credibility on ANY industry – agriculture or otherwise – when he can’t even pronounce the word? If George Bush opened a school of elocution, Eichler could make the dean’s list.
  • Does anyone pay any attention to the typists at the Winnipeg Free Press when they spout off about downtown redevelopment when they abandoned the core area themselves? The Doctors of the Downtown are always willing to live up to their Hypocritical Oath.
  • Did we just get back on a time machine or are we the only people shocked that two teenage girls have to go to the Manitoba Human Rights Commission so they can play hockey with boys? Perhaps the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association thinks that if the girls win this one, they might fight for right to vote next. It is sad that we seem to be back in the days of Premier Roblin (and we’re talking about Rodmond, not Duff).
  • Does anyone remember that before anyone ever heard of Friendly Manitoba, this province was The Land of 100,000 Lakes? And before that Sunny Manitoba. Did anyone know that Friendly Manitoba only ever existed on the licence plate? Does anyone know that the rest of Canada doesn't even know that Friendly Manitoba is the slogan on our licence plate? That is something to remember as a few peanut gallery pundits freak out about the new Spirited Energy brand for the province. Sometimes even the most beloved slogan has a shelf life. (Or never really got off the ground to begin with.) Get over it.