Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thanks, Tim

Last night, Tim Sale told gathered supporters in Fort Rouge he would not run again. It has long been one of the worst-kept secrets in the NDP that he would not seek re-election after the 2003 victory. But nonetheless it will be a significant gap to try and replace one of the Doer government's stronger ministers.

One of his greatest achievements is how he can, with great ease, completely infuriate the Tories or the Winnipeg Sun in an instant in the House with a response to a question. This talent goes back to opposition days when former premier Filmon kindly requested his company outside so the former premier could "punch your lights out, Timmy."

He was the first ever minister of Energy, Science and Technology and corrected dozens of Tory wrongs when he took over the leadership of the child welfare and social assistance systems as minister of Family Services. And of course he has ably led the health department.

In opposition he took on issues that other NDP MLA's wouldn't, and made hay with them. And he was key in bringing the 1995 vote rigging scandal to light.

We won't repeat all of Tim's history that was relayed in today's FreeP story. It's a much-deserved retirement to cap off a great career.

Thanks, Tim.

'Nuff said.


Now, to what seems to have been a pretty well-kept-secret regarding retirement ...

Today, it comes to light that Tory MLA and one-time ag minister Jack Penner is retiring. And if this analysis from the dissident Tory at Pissing in the Tent has any validity at all, it seems things are not all well in Huey Duckland.

Further, it seems supporters of Ron Schuler have gotten their act back together to keep the dream alive.


It's good to see when an issue of common sense has takers on all sides.

When you have commentators as diverse as the Hack, Vic Grant and Dan Lett agreeing generally with our point from Sunday about the egregious error of the Free Press running a free FULL PAGE AD on behalf of the mayor during the civic election period, it should signal to folks out there (hellooooooo Winnipeg news media!) that something should be done.

Perhaps more interesting is that none of Mayor Sammy's miriad of opponents both on council and outside have bothered to raise such a clear, obvious criticism of the Mayor-who-runs-but-is-not-yet-running. Hmm.... what's the matter, Donald, Kaj, Jenny?