Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Winnipeg Free-for-Katz Press

Finally, we know what the Free in Winnipeg Free Press stands for - FREE political advertising for Sam Katz.

Katz (or is that our new mayor-in-motion?) may not have yet declared his intention to "run" for re-election.

But that doesn't change the fact that we are a few weeks into the spending period for this fall's civic election.

And yet the newly-minted marathon man somehow convinced the Free Press to donate a whole page of advertising to him, so he could thank Winnipeggers for helping raise $100,000 for charity in the Manitoba Marathon (which took place weeks ago).

If this is not a violation of civic election spending laws, it ought to be. At the very least, the Winnipeg Free-for-Katz Press has shown stunningly poor judgement in giving Katz a free ad during the pre-election spending period.

Katz's campaign should pay in full for the ad space, like any other candidate for mayor would have to.

After all, Katz could have written a letter to the editor to thank donors, just like everyone else.