Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What Huey actually, really said

"Manitoba was TAKEN OVER and RULED by an ideologically driven NDP government that found its inspiration in socialist and COMMUNIST ideas that were then in vogue in EASTERN EUROPE," CBC.ca quotes Hugh McFadyen today.

Alas, we're forced to admit it. It's true. And it's even worse than that. Here's the full, real plan.

One day very, very soon, the clouds will part and with the help of evil unionized psychiatrists, Gary "Xenu" Doer will call all 1 million-plus Manitobans in for income tax inspections. The unsuspecting will instead be given injections of alcohol and glycol and be paralysed. Then, he will put them all on space planes looking suspiciously like DC8s, except with rocket motors.

The space planes will land in The Pas, where the paralysed will be stacked around the base of the Aseneskak Casino. Then the specially-fitted H-bomb VLT machines will explode and everyone will be killed.

And that's how Gary Doer intends to destroy Manitoba.


All hail Xenu!

(We still don't believe that nasty rumour about Huey and Scientology.)