Thursday, September 14, 2006

Whither the lonely?

All the lonely people.
Where do they all come from?
All the lonely people.
Where do they all belong?

There are several obvious things one could say about the shooting at Dawson College. Most of them have been covered by the major news outlets. So we won't repeat them here.

The main thing really is what to do about isolated, estranged boys and young men (mainly) and their anger?

You can blame goth web sites or video games or whatever. (Though, certainly many of them are not particulary helpful.)

But until we get a handle on what fundamentally drives these guys to such behaviour, including what WE might be doing that fosters the situation, there are only going to be more incidents like this.

Commentators, such as we, could just put up a picture of Dawson College with a sunset behind it with the headline "Lest we forget" or something like that and think we've done honour to the situation.

But it is unlikely, in our view, that we would have done much honour.

Asking questions and, hopefully, acting appropriately afterwards is much closer to the mark, we submit.