Monday, February 26, 2007

At home with the flu ...

And the rest of the BBA crew has been generally derelict in their blogging duties. Tut, tut.

Through the fog of ailment, however, we notice a good correspondent has sent us this thought for the day:

"You have to wonder about priorities of the Leader of the Loyal Opposition, who demands the Premier return from Washington early and NOT press the U.S. on passport issues (the top story on CTV national last night and leading national papers today) -- an urgent issue affecting virtually every Manitoban, every Canadian and a huge portion of our economy. Instead, Hugh McFadyen demands the Premier come home to address a six-year-old document that merely confirms what was already known -- that Crocus wanted its liquidity and pacing requirements relaxed and an even bigger tax break, a request which the government denied. All old news.

What sort of message does that send Manitobans about McFadyen's judgment as to relative priority of issues facing our province?"

Good question.