Thursday, February 22, 2007

More tomfoolery

So Bunkbeck takes a run at David Suzuki today, retreading the old saw that unless the good doctor tours the country in a Prius, eats macrobiotic salads exclusively and wears a hair shirt, he is a shameless hypocrite and therefore there is no human-created climate change.

Ahh, stretch that out for 400 words and Tom's work is done for the day.

Nice work if you can get it.

It's just another example of the typical intellectual laziness and dishonesty coming from our favourite overpaid blowhard (at least that's what we hear his colleagues at the 'Peg Sun have to say about our Tom).

We also are trying to understand Tom's past couple of days' crusade over Spirited Energy expenditures. We read that he got a printed out list of every single payment made on the campaign, rather than photocopies of the actual invoices. And this calls for, apparently, a look by the Auditor General.

We're not sure what Tom thinks is there, but apart from likely being a waste of Carol Belringer's time, it might be helpful to have her do an audit, if for no other reason than to perhaps further expose Bunkbeck's obsession with his anti-NDP tomfoolery.