Sunday, March 04, 2007

Devil in the details -- the real scandal

So we're still reeling a bit from Dan Lett's feature on Saturday, trying to put some perspective about last week's Sturm und Drang over Crocus at the legislature and the ensuing media frenzy. It was shocking.

Were we shocked that Lett confirms that the infamous "smoking gun" cabinet paper actually contained no new news whatsoever? No.

Were we shocked that Lett also confirms again this thunderbolt leak had absolutely nothing to do with what actually led to the Crocus collapse in 2004? No.

Were we shocked that Lett's piece shows the actual net cash losses of investors is not as bad as critics have painted it? No.

What's shocking is the clear picture Lett paints when he quotes his anonymous Liberal source, who we assume was the person who forwarded the document to Lett a week ago Friday.

"This isn't about the details ... we stopped worrying about the details a long time ago," said the source.

Whaa? We rubbed our eyes. Took another sip of our coffee in the hopes a jolt of caffeine would correct our clearly faulty vision. But, as it turns out, it wasn't a problem with the eyes at all.

Stopped worrying about the details? What the hell is that?

So there we have it is folks, laid bare for all to see. The opposition does not give a damn about the details (read: truth).

Sure we shouldn't be surprised the opposition tries to heighten importance of its attacks on the government.

But that such gall exists and that a blatant disregard for the truth has been perpetuated on the public is in itself a scandal.

Such deception by the NDP, for example, would be severely punished by the media and opinion-leaders in this community.

The media has this past week exposed the opposition as clearly wrong, and now worse, as desperate prevaricators.

We submit, if the media is doing its job, it should not allow the Conservatives and Liberals to go unpunished for this.