Thursday, September 15, 2011

McFadyen's Give-Away-Weekend Extravaganza

Most Winnipeggers will know what Give-Away-Weekend is.

For those who don't, it's when your neighbours put their junk out on the curb in the hopes someone will come by, pick it up, and take it away.

For those who watch Manitoba politics, they'll remember in 2007 when the NDP threw two pieces of junk out on the curb (see Winnipeg Free Press article below).

One whose company was convicted of child pornography. The other who refused to support his own children eliciting a cutting character assessment from a provincial judge who called him the biggest liar he's ever seen.

Hugh McFadyen, in true Give-Away-Weekend style, was first in line to come pick up the junk the NDP was smart enough throw out. Liberal Leader Jon Gerrard, apparently, wasn't too far behind.

Mr. McFadyen, Mr. Gerrard, there's usually a reason why people throw their junk out on the curb. If you're going to pick it up, at the very minimum you've got to dust it off and have a look at it. You appear to have done neither.

Worst of all is that not a single media outlet in Manitoba has figured out that Mr. McFadyen and Mr. Gerrard have not only picked up two pieces of junk, but also picked up the junk the NDP was smart enough to throw out.

A political team is as important as its captain because the quality of the team reflects the judgement of its leader.

In the case of Mr. McFadyen and Mr. Gerrard, bad judgment clearly abounds.