Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What the Free Press Knew (But Didn't Tell You)

The Blackberry Addicts are normally very careful about repeating a lot of the accusations we receive at our doorstep (of which there are many).

But we couldn't ignore the suggestions coming our way today regarding the Free Press' handling of the Brian Sinclair story.

According to Mike McIntyre, the detective leading the criminal investigation into the death of Brian Sinclair, Sgt. John O'Donovan, has concluded his investigation, is recommending charges be laid, and has forwarded his report to provincial Justice officials.

According to an official Winnipeg Police news release issued today, the investigation is ongoing, a decision to lay charges has not been made, and nothing's been forwarded to provincial Justice officials.

He said, she said?

Not entirely, apparently.

It appears it was more a case of "she said, but Free Press refused to listen".

The Blackberry Addicts can confirm, based on very credible rumblings received throughout the day today, that prior to the Free Press publishing McIntyre's story, Superintendent Corrine Scott of the Winnipeg Police Service called the Free Press night Editor directly in an attempt to clarify the details in McIntyre's story prior to it being printed.

The Free Press editor refused to make any changes, choosing to stand by their "justice source" instead of what Superintendent Scott was actually telling them on the record.

The Free Press and its night editor knew well before they published the Sinclair story today that it had very, very serious credibility issues. They didn't even bother corroborating their "source" by calling Manitoba Justice to see if the report, in fact, had been submitted to them. But they deliberately chose not to tell readers any of this.

That is what the Free Press knew, but didn't tell you. No wonder they closed their website to reader's comments.

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